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Tutorials, Packs and more

I’m planning on releasing very soon various tutorials on how to create realistic images efficient and quick, as well as tips and tricks for the general working pipeline in the CG field. I also should mention that I will release photograph and texture packs for different needs like photobashing, photomanipulating or texturing of pictures.

Of course, there will be alot more in the time to come! So, stay tuned!

Free stuff

Yes! There will be free stuff now and then, like tutorials, texture and photo packs for different usages and more!

IP Development

Those who follow my work on DeviantArt, Facebook or Twitter are aware of a new IP I’ve been announcing recently – Shenlajr 2150.  My plan is to bring the futuristic world of Shenlajr 2150 closer to the audience, make fans interested in this IP and see it grow. Stay tuned for more!


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Hermann Kromer